Since you found this page, you most probably know, that our friend Hugo Kornelis is currently fighting a battle against cancer.

Hugo Kornelis is one of the good ones.  He’s ridiculously smart, and intense, and curious, and direct…and he has a huge heart and he wants to help.  

On September 12, 2022, Hugo was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), and in a matter of days his entire world turned upside down.  The following week he was admitted to the hospital for treatment, and since his first round of chemotherapy, he’s spent the past few weeks recovering, doing his best to regain strength before the next round.

Hugo was supposed to speak at several conferences this fall, including next month’s PASS Summit in Seattle.  While he won’t be there physically, we want to honor Hugo and his ongoing fight against AML.  You can participate!  

Even if you don’t know Hugo personally, you’ve likely benefited from his knowledge, either through his blog (, his training (, his unmatched reference material on execution plans (, or one of his sessions.  

To show him that he is in our thoughts and support him during these challenging times, we had the idea to make T-Shirts that we will all wear on the Wednesday at PASS Summit and then send him pictures, videos or any kind of message.

So far, we are aware of donations (through Shirt sales and direct donations) of over 5000 USD for the Leukemia Research Foundation, the charity that Hugo picked to support through his Black Friday Sale ( !


Erin & Ben


How can I get a T-Shirt?

Sorry, the fundraiser ended 10/23.

You can find the Logo on my GitHub:

Just download it and have it printed on a Shirt through any company that offers those services. We do encourage you to still make a donation 🙂

I have questions!

Ping me through a Twitter DM and I am happy to answer them!